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Committed to a cleaner, less plasticky world



Chemical Engineering, 2019

I interned in a QSR sustainability role this summer, and gained an understanding of the nature of plastic pollution and the scale of the problem. Heightened plastic recovery is one of the keys to pollution reduction, and I want to boost awareness in the recovery process with this project. I am so excited to get people engaged and involved, and would love for anyone interested to reach out!





Marketing, Pre-Physical Therapy, 2019

I spent this summer interning in Thailand, where idyllic beaches and beautiful landscapes were littered with plastic pollution. The level of environmental awareness was almost non-existent. I was inspired to return to Austin to help encourage zero-waste living and single-use plastic reduction, and now, I am driven to help build small-scale recycling machines for plastic waste through Precious Plastic TX!




Chemical Engineering, 2019

After being disillusioned with public plastic waste widespread across the rural, scenic areas of Pakistan, I decided to work with Precious Plastic Pakistan on curbing Pakistan’s waste problem. At the same time, I decided to begin a waste recovery initiative in Austin after which I joined forces with Tristine and Pravar to undertake said mission.


VP Outreach

Art & Art History, 2019

I found Tristine on instagram and she invited me to the first meeting. Sustainability is very important to me in terms of equity and conservation of the environment. Evoked by my early love for Dutch and American landscape paintings I feel it’s my obligation just as an occupant of Earth to help preserve the world's natural beauty for the generations of artists yet to come.


Engineering Lead

Mechanical Engineering, 2020

I joined Precious Plastic because I thought it aligned perfectly with my degree in mechanical engineering and passion for sustainability.  I am excited to spread the word about cutting down on single use plastic and how and where to recycle it properly!


Blog & Social Media Lead

Sustainability Studies & International Relations, 2019

I joined PPTX to reduce plastic waste & explore innovative recycling technologies. I also wanted to get experience with community organizing for environmental issues and communicating sustainability. PPTX is an exciting, hands-on method of environmental activism making a positive difference.    


VP Digital

Biology, 2019

I’ve known Tristine for a while, and I saw her passion for plastic. That level of passion inspired me to follow Tristine, so I could feel something the way that she does. Also I feel bad for buying packs of 24 styrofoam cups to throw into the ocean, because I liked to watch it float along the water.


VP Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, 2019

  I think we have a lot of potential to create an exciting recycling system that is visible to everybody on campus. There is a lot of wasted plastic around campus and this a a creative solution to getting people involved in recycling their waste.


VP Research & Development

Biomedical Engineering, 2022

I saw a shoutout about precious plastic in the BMES newsletter and decided to apply because I am avid on researching how to be more sustainable and help the environment. When I met the team, I realized that this project was global and I was immediately hooked. Ever since then, I have become more environmentally conscious and feel as though I am part of a bigger movement to save the earth!


Research & Development Lead

Biochemistry, 2022

I have been keen on the minimalist movement for the last few years of my life. Immediately, this sprouted into a love for sustainability I have since implemented in all aspects of my life- from fashion, to science and everything in between. PPTX has given me the opportunity and means to find and pursue what I love with a group of amazing people.


Design Lead

Business Marketing, 2020

I serendipitously ran into Pravar and Tristine the day of Precious Plastic’s first meeting and was intrigued by the organization’s mission. For a while, I had been wanting to take action in some way to reduce environmental pollution, and I was immediately on board with Precious Plastic.


VP Finance

Finance, 2022

I joined Precious Plastic Texas to learn how I can apply my skills in business in a rapidly changing environment like recycling. I’m also fascinated by the concept of the circular economy and learning about how it can create efficiency in different environments around the world.


VP Outreach

Chemical Engineering, 2020

  I am a junior in Chemical Engineering. I joined Pressure Plastic to cultivate passion among American youth about sustainable practices and do something hands on for the environment 


Engineering Lead

Biomedical Engineering, 2019

I got involved in precious plastics because I wanted to translate my passion for sustainability and machine building into a hands-on project. I also joined to meet like-minded peers interested in pushing UT to be a greener, more environmentally-conscious place.

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